A strategic, seamless solution for payers and providers

Whether it's paper transmissions or a digital process (or both), fax connects payer to provider across the healthcare spectrum. Faxes are sent and received all day, every day, and the volume is massive. Payers receive, on average, more than 500 faxes a day, usually more than 75 pages each. And almost a third to half of those are processed manually.*

With an outdated or inefficient fax system, that is a formula for bottlenecks, delays and dissatisfaction. A trustworthy solution is essential, as a recent study of payers made crystal clear:

40% - Respondents say they believe a more reliable and effective digital fax solution will increase staff productivity
30% - Respondents say they believe such a solution will improve a critical pain point of provider abrasion

Having it all: Enhanced capabilities alongside increased reliability

With Concord’s fully digital, turnkey fax solution, payers are discovering that getting fax under control can be so much more than simply upgrading and updating the receiving process. Payers can achieve ease, efficiency and quality improvement through:

Programmatic workflow and process automation
Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for intuitive data extraction
Document handling and routing to support streamlined workflows

More than anything, payers need a reliable, fax solution that delivers. With Concord’s system of multiple data centers and intelligent call routing, the dead-end “fax retry” process is eliminated. Concord Cloud Fax also offers multiple ways to send and receive, including email, print-to-fax and the ability to interface with systems already in place., Users can access the fax queue via Concord’s online portal to monitor progress.

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