Partner with Concord

The Concord Technologies Partner Program is ideal for:

  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who are focused on the U.S. healthcare market and serve a customer base with significant fax- or document-centric data transmission processes. (Typically, hospital systems, physician groups, long-term and post-acute care centers, payers and related entities.)
  • Resellers of unified communication (UC) workflow and related technologies that enhance the ability of entities along the healthcare continuum to operate efficiently while meeting security protocols.
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who build packaged, custom applications that need a secure, reliable data-delivery process embedded within them.

Partner with Concord and tap into: 

  • Proven History of Success: Concord Technologies has more than 20 years’ worth of success servicing the U.S. healthcare market and other business sectors.
  • Customer-Focused Culture: Meeting and exceeding the needs of our end users is at the center of all we do. We see patients, not paperwork.
  • Partner-Centric Mindset: Concord provides the innovative, adaptable, and scalable solutions our partners need to help them solve complex customer problems.
  • Flexible Integration: Partners can provide their customers access to Concord’s cloud-fax services directly through a dedicated account — or integrate our services seamlessly under their own brand. 
  • Send and Receive: Users can directly send and receive faxes from within an EHR or other application interface. 
  • Platform Reliability: Concord’s patented SureConnect technology dynamically monitors fax call routes for transmission and carrier performance. When SureConnect encounters an issue, it automatically reroutes a failed fax down an alternative path for delivery.
  • Intelligent Data Extraction: Concord’s AI-driven technology allows users to classify and extract data from inbound documents — and much more. 

A fax solution with increased reliability and capable of systemwide interoperability

Hospitals and health systems need a fax solution and technology partner that meets today’s clinical document management needs and anticipates those of tomorrow. Concord’s longstanding partnerships with dozens of large healthcare providers has resulted in a platform of fully digital, turnkey fax solutions that create ease, efficiency, and quality improvement through:

Programmatic workflow and process automation,
Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for intuitive data extraction,
Document handling and routing to support streamlined workflows,
API for EHR integration capabilities


Hospitals and health providers want a reliable fax and data solution that works for them. With Concord’s system of multiple data centers and intelligent call routing, the dead-end “fax retry” process is transformed. Concord’s solutions also offer multiple ways to send and receive, including email, print-to-fax and the ability to interface with systems already in place. Users can also access the fax queue via Concord’s online portal to monitor progress.

That reliability is then supplemented by fax routing and prioritization. AI-driven data extraction streamlines workflows so that information related to intake, referral, care coordination or claims gets to the right person at the right time.

Learn more about how Concord’s fax solutions support large providers