Unlocking Key Data from Documents: The Benefits of Data Extraction Capabilities

Learn how to empower customers with captured data from faxed documents.



What’s in Unlocking Key Data from Documents: The Benefits of Data Extraction Capabilities?


Concord has built a platform that uses AI to automatically find and extract the data customers need from documents, including faxes. Developers and project managers now can provide this capability to their customers, so they can add captured information to a patient’s chart, find the right document quickly at the point of care, or confirm signatures have been received. 

Concord intelligent data extraction technology uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect the type of document received so it can be routed and prioritized correctly. Concord then scans the document for the data that matters and automatically extracts those fields from the document. This capability is available through APIs or a client portal.

Learn more on how data extraction works, how to use it in workflows, and the benefits of a Concord partnership.

Get rid of costly fax services and use Concord.

Go digital. No more fax machines, no more phone lines, no more support struggles. By using Concord, you can get rid of one more paper-based process and manage documents electronically for better interoperability. It’s no wonder Concord has a 97% year-over-year customer retention rate.

Integrated user experience

No switching screens or losing time toggling between applications: Users can send and receive faxes from directly within the applications they use every day.

Reduced overhead

Users can say good-bye to the cost and complexity of managing on-premise fax servers, troubleshooting failed faxes and ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Security and reliability

Compliance and security is our priority, working closely with you to ensure alignment on all measures involved in taking care of customer information and data.

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Give your users the power to do more with their documents within the applications they use every day. Users can send and receive faxes, automate document intake, and to route captured data into their own systems.

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