Behind Concord's Exceptional Reliability



Learn how SureConnect decreases fax delivery errors.

What is SureConnect?

One of the secrets to Concord’s excellent reliability is its patented SureConnect feature. SureConnect dramatically decreases fax delivery errors by intelligently routing faxes through alternative call paths.

There are myriad reasons that hinder faxes from reaching their terminus. Downed phone lines, local power outages and data center glitches are just a few. Several cloud fax providers adopt the traditional failover procedure when a fax does not go through. Instead of adopting a traditional failover procedure, Concord’s SureConnect protocol automatically kicks in if a fax does not go through on its first retry attempt. 

Concord’s SureConnect technology was invented by and patented by Concord Technologies. No other cloud fax provider automatically routes faxes in the same manner that SureConnect does to ensure faxes reach their destinations.

Learn how SureConnect works to provide exceptional reliability by downloading the guide today. 

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