Behavioral Health Hospitals Reinvent Referral Management with AI

Improved efficiency is just one of the benefits that transitioning from traditional fax to AI-powered referral processes provides

The manual processes for managing referrals are highly inefficient, especially when urgent treatment for patients is necessary. This issue is particularly persistent in the referral of patients to behavioral health facilities. However, by integrating practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) into the referral processes, we can minimize these inefficiencies and improve the overall patient experience.

A group of intake leaders from three US Healthvest facilities has come together to share their experiences in addressing the administrative bottlenecks associated with referral management. they provide a detailed account of their journey from relying on manual processes to adopting cutting-edge technology to streamline patient intake. As a result of this transformation, they have seen double-digit increases in the number of patients served, reduced wait times, and a more positive work environment for the staff.

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