Accelerate Decision Making and Keep your Team in Sync

Automating manual data entry with document workflows ensures the right information gets to the right person, to optimize staff resources and improve care quality.

In "Streamlining Document Workflows to Increase Operational Efficiencies in Health Care" Concord explores the ways that automating healthcare information handoff improves employee and patient experiences.


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What’s in the playbook?

Healthcare is among the most information-rich industries in the world. The care continuum weaves patient data through multiple providers, all of whom rely on it to assess next steps and speed the best possible outcome. Missing data in any one of those steps could be disastrous for both provider and patient. Luckily, state-of-the-art solutions like artificial intelligence and natural language processing can help by offering:

  • Faster information access that enables better care quality
  • The extraction of more value from patient data and health information
  • The safeguarding of patient privacy while maintaining compliance

We invite you to download a free copy of our report to learn more about the role data is playing now, and how artificial intelligence (AI) and other advancements to support the human element of care are creating a bold, exciting future.

Why do users choose to switch to Concord Cloud Fax?

Go digital. No more fax machines, no more phone lines, no more support struggles. By using Concord, you can get rid of one more paper-based process and manage documents electronically for better interoperability. It’s no wonder Concord has a 97% year-over-year customer retention rate.

Simplified Integrations

Integrate Concord Cloud Fax into your existing EHR, or any other application that your business relies on. We offer a variety of ways to integrate.

Available Fax Automation

Concord offers additional capabilities for users to automatically extract data from inbound documents, as well as to facilitate intuitive document workflows.

Security and reliability

Delayed, missed and undelivered faxes create manual follow-up tasks for healthcare staff and potential delays in patient care. Concord helps to mitigate this risk.