2023 KLAS Digital Fax Report

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Concord outranks the competition

Mature Digital Fax solutions have become reliable tools for improving interoperability, and selecting the right vendor will enable healthcare organizations to future proof their critical fax and document workflows. Nobody wants to do business with a partner who can't do what they claim to; that's why KLAS verifies vendor-stated capabilities with user-confirmed data. In the 2023 KLAS Digital Fax report, Concord Cloud Fax is confirmed as leading the industry in advanced features.

The KLAS Digital Fax 2023 Report highlights the following:

          • Concord's solution has advanced the most and achieved the highest fax maturity level.
          • Users of Biscom and Consensus Cloud solutions reported the lowest fax maturity level.
          • And more vendor insights.

In the Report: Concord Cloud Fax & Discrete Data Extraction

The future of fax goes well beyond merely exchanging information–that's why KLAS has based their 2023 fax assessment on which organizations are making the greatest advancements in the use of  NLP, OCR, or other technology to extract clinical data that can then be inserted into other healthcare workflows. The KLAS report explores the following:

Use of Concord's advanced technology

The report cites Concord customers who have utilized Concord's advanced technology to match patient records and pull discrete clinical data fields that can flow into their EHR. 


Digital Fax Key to Interoperability

The report details how most advanced users of fax technology see digital fax as an integral part of their interoperability strategy, and expect more healthcare organizations to move from paper to digital solutions.

Advanced Users Need Strong Partners

Most advanced-user respondents say their vendor is a strong, attentive partner who collaborated with them to build the solution and invited them to be alpha or beta testers.