Activate your new Cloud Fax Inbox.



What is Fax Inbox?

Fax Inbox is our most flexible fax application to date. You can stay connected to critical content in the office, at home, on the road, and anywhere in between. All your documents are available in one place and can be organized the way that works for you.

Use Fax Inbox to securely send, receive, organize, and annotate faxes in seconds. There is no need to save faxes to your computer or load third-party applications; Fax Inbox gives you the tools to get work done without juggling document files or switching screens.

Get rid of costly fax services and use Concord Cloud Fax.

By using Concord, you can reduce the amount of paper-based processes and manage documents electronically for better interoperability.

Optimized for healthcare

We help healthcare providers increase staff efficiency, improve patient care, and reduce operating costs.

Eliminate paper and streamline your document workflows

Get rid of one more paper-based process and manage documents electronically to improve document workflow efficiency. 

Security and reliability

Compliance and security is our priority, so we work hard to ensure appropriate measures are taken to protect customer information and data.