Don’t Swing for the Fences:

How to Implement AI in a Way That is Practical

The pressure to understand and make use of AI’s efficiencies is on, as is understanding the costs, and risks, related to this new technology and its best uses in healthcare. Recently Concord CTO Chris Larkin and George Foley, Director of Enterprise and ISV Sales, joined HIMSS to discuss the value a strategic, incremental AI-use plan can provide to both providers and patients.

In this podcast, we’ll explore:

  • The area of healthcare that is most ripe for AI-powered assistance — document handling and administrative burdens.
  • How to break “analysis paralysis” and get started on deploying AI into workflows.
  • Concord’s Practical AI™ approach and how it can lead to implementation and results in weeks — then fuel next steps and continued growth.
  • The value of having a partner with proven experience in healthcare document and data delivery.

Meet the Speakers:


Christopher Larkin, Chief Technology Officer

Chris is a seasoned healthcare executive with vast experience leading technology and cognitive systems innovation. As Concord’s Chief Technology Officer, he firmly believes that the best digital products are an extension of the company’s values: trust, reliability, and economy.

Chris has built an impressive track record of developing precision medicine solutions in healthcare and life sciences for Microsoft, GE Healthcare, and Elsevier. He has successfully brought multiple cognitive computing products for healthcare to market and is widely recognized as a thought leader in an industry challenged by interoperability.


George Foley,Director of Enterprise and ISV Sales

George Foley is a Registered Nurse and healthcare leader with more than two decades of experience across the healthcare industry. From his early experiences in patient care to leadership roles in sales and operations for pharmaceutical, medical device, software, care management, and managed care companies, George is known for his strategic vision and solutions that prioritize patient outcomes and drive revenue.

He has led efforts that recovered more than $2 billion to Medicare, and is a formidable force in SaaS sales. Known for his collaborative approach and entrepreneurial spirit, George’s strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie consistently brings out the best in the people and organizations he works with, from startups to large public companies.