Turning Pictures into Thousands of Words

ViVE’s InteropNow! Podcast is a must-listen for those interested in healthcare interoperability — and the tech solutions that are transforming business outcomes through better data sharing.

Recently host and Healthcare Interoperability Maven Sandy Vance sat down with Concord Technologies’ Andre Sublett, Vice President of Data and Analytics, and Mike Stover, Senior Product Manager, ahead of their talk on Feb. 26 at ViVE 2024 in Los Angeles. Give a listen to their thoughts about practical interoperability and Concord’s overall approach to Practical AI™ — sensible solutions available today that also create the ability to future-proof document and data exchange as healthcare continues to evolve.

In Episode 36, Turning Pictures into Thousands of Words, you’ll hear about:

  • Concord’s approach to secure, complaint data-delivery solutions for healthcare providers, payers, and other highly regulated businesses.
  • HL7 FHIR, and how it prescribes a data format so that systems of record can be queried to provide more complete patient data in a flexible way.
  • Why so many healthcare systems still have closed APIs and how Concord solves for that issue.
  • How artificial intelligence in this data environment is giving healthcare providers the superpowers needed to provide more efficient care.

Meet the Speakers:


Andre Sublett, VP of Data and Analytics

Andre serves an important role at Concord Technologies, overseeing existing infrastructure and leading new solutions designed to optimize hospital operations and improve patient outcomes by integrating, acquiring, and de-identifying data in a scalable and secure way.

Prior to his position at Concord Technologies, Andre served as Vice President of Software Engineering for GE Healthcare’s Digital organization. There, he managed almost a petabyte of protected healthcare data, de-identified it, enhanced it, and drove the launch of several new products and services that leveraged the data.


Mike Stover, Sr. Product Manager

Mike Stover has spent the last 18 years working in the digital fax industry. Before joining Concord as Senior Product manager over Concord's comprehensive suite of solutions in 2023, he worked for OpenText as the Manager of Product Management for all their fax solutions. Mike brings his expansive knowledge of a myriad of distinct enterprise scale fax environments and custom solutions.