The AI Revolution: Orienting healthcare in the midst of a technological tipping point

Hospitals and health systems are facing legacy interoperability issues, fragmented EHRs, labor shortages, and the advent of AI. Today we find ourselves at a crossroads where old and new problems alike intersect with new technology like artificial intelligence. In this discussion Christopher Larkin, Chief Technology Officer of Concord Technologies, explores AI’s technological tipping point and offers advice on how healthcare leaders can orient themselves during an unprecedented time of technology advancement and identify proven and practical solutions to support care teams today.

In this podcast, we will discuss:

  • The evolution of secure document exchange and how care teams can unlock data from static documents shared between providers
  • Resource capacity and how AI-led automation can support strained nursing and administrative teams
  • Current trends and future applications of AI technology and what makes the most sense for health care organizations
  • When is it time to invest in AI? Do we dip a toe in the water or do we plunge into the deep end of the pool?
  • Who should we trust with all the hype?

Meet the Speakers:


Christopher Larkin, Chief Technology Officer

Chris is a seasoned healthcare executive with vast experience leading technology and cognitive systems innovation. As Concord’s Chief Technology Officer, he firmly believes that the best digital products are an extension of the company’s values: trust, reliability, and economy.

Chris has built an impressive track record of developing precision medicine solutions in healthcare and life sciences for Microsoft, GE Healthcare, and Elsevier. He has successfully brought multiple cognitive computing products for healthcare to market and is widely recognized as a thought leader in an industry challenged by interoperability.


Andre Sublett, VP of Data and Analytics

Andre serves an important role at Concord Technologies, overseeing existing infrastructure and leading new solutions designed to optimize hospital operations and improve patient outcomes by integrating, acquiring, and de-identifying data in a scalable and secure way.

Prior to his position at Concord Technologies, Andre served as Vice President of Software Engineering for GE Healthcare’s Digital organization. There, he managed almost a petabyte of protected healthcare data, de-identified it, enhanced it, and drove the launch of several new products and services that leveraged the data.